VH-DMO. Fairchild SA-227DC Metro 23. c/n DC-870B.

was also registered as: VH-OYN.

First flown as N3030S - August 1994

Powered by Garrett Turbine TPE331-12U engines

Sold to Hazelton Airlines - November 1994

Entered onto the Australian Aircraft Register as VH-DMO - November 21, 1994

Registered to Hazelton Air Services Pty Ltd

Arrived Cudal, N.S.W. at conclusion of delivery flight - December 3, 1994

Aircraft was configured to seat 19 passengers

Bodas Pty Ltd acquired 20% ownership of Hazelton Airlines - October 2000

Bodas Pty Ltd was the holding company for TNT / News Ltd

Advertised for sale - January 2001

Hazelton Airlines became an Ansett subsidiary when Bodas Pty Ltd gained 100% ownership - May 2001

Ansett suspended all operations due to bankruptcy - September 13, 2001

Operated final revenue service Bathurst-Sydney as AN7450 - September 14, 2001

A separate administrator to Ansett was appointed to handle the sale of the 'Hazelton' subsidiary

Arrived Perth at conclusion of delivery flight for sale to Pearl Aviation - January 4, 2002

Sold to Pearl Aviation, Perth - January 14, 2002

Rergistered as VH-OYN - January 18, 2002

Registered to Pearl Aviation Australia Pty Ltd - August 17, 2005

Current as of 2011

VH-DMO. Hazelton - in the full livery at Brisbane Airport, date unknown.