The story behind this unique website.



Background Information.


The 'AussieAirliners' website can trace its originals back to 1992, when I began experimenting with displaying my photographs on a very basic website. In that bygone era, web space was very limited and access to the 'web' was via 'dial-up' connection. This limited the scope and presentation of the original website due to the general slow 'down-load' speed then available.

I started photographing aircraft at Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport in the mid 1960s. As my photographic collection grew I began to document the histories of the aircraft I photographed.

In 1994 the 'AussieAirliners' website was expanded to include the histories of the aircraft displayed. Over the years the website has received a number of rebuilds and expansions, until it is what you see today.

The website has been divided into two separate sections:


Australia and New Zealand Airliner Histories


International Airliner Images


The 'Australia and New Zealand Airliner Histories' covers the individual histories of the airliners that have been operated in Australia and New Zealand, as the commercial aviation industry in both countries is interlinked.

The 'International Airliner Images' part of the website is just that - a collection of interesting images of international airliners that in the most part, have been scanned from my collection of slides, gathered over the years.

Since going live on the internet many other people have contributed to this site by supplying information or images related to the history of Australia and New Zealand operated / registered airliners. It is important that these people be acknowledged for their contributions:

The researchers who have assembled the histories of the aircraft covered herein:

Neil Louis (Head Researcher); Scott Collins (Qantas historian); Fred Niven (Ansett historian); Paul Sheehan (Head Researcher / Air New Zealand historian);

Resident photographers:

Tony Haynes, Tim Gorman, Zane Rae;

General contributors (information and/or photographs):

Eric Allen, Tony Arbon, Maurice Austin, Graham Bennett, Rod Brown, George Canciani, Barrie Colledge, David Daw, Nigel Daw, Marcel Drescher, Hans Groen, Eric Favelle, Rob Finlayson, Paul Finnigan, Jake Fox, Alan Fraser, John Goldfinch, Jacques Guillem, John Hopton, Greg Hyde, Seth Jaworski, Peter Lea, Christian Laugier, Gavan Louis, Mark Lynam, Finn McGuire, Ian Mackenzie, Ian Malcolm, Stephen Mills, Scott Morgan, John Mounce, Aaron Murphy, Qantas Heritage Collection, Glen Reid, Gordon Reid, Robbie Shaw, Henry Tenby, Phil Vabre, Russ Waller, Gil White, Geoff Wilkes, Lindsay Wise, Greg Wood, the ADF Serials Website & Australian Aviation..

The philosophy behind the 'AussieAirliners' website is very simple - to bring together in one location the history of Australia and New Zealand's commercial airline activity by recording the histories of the individual airframes that have been used by the airlines over the years. It is hoped that by doing so this valuable history will not be lost.

The images depicted on this website are covered by Copyright. Downloading any image from this website is illegal. I have watermarked the images due to the continual illegal downloading of said images by people who have no respect for this intellectual property and its correct useage.

The historical information pertaining to the individual airframes covered in this part of the website has been obtained from a variety of sources. Although all due care has been taken in compiling this information, some data may be incorrect or incomplete. If you are able to provide additional information, images or advise on omissions your contribution would be most welcome.

I am continually looking for other 'like-minded people' who may be interested in contibuting to this website on a regular basis, either by way of following-up on the histories of the airliners featured or by contributing high quality digital images.

I am also seeking someone who would like to 'get their hands dirty' and get involved in learning how to run this website - so at the appropriate time it can 'passed on' so that this valuable resource is not lost. Are you up for a challenge?