VH-BRI. Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina. c/n 1735.


Originally built by Consolidated at New Orleans as a PBY-5A Canso

Delivered to the United States Navy as BuNo 48373

Surplus to requirements and struck-off-charge - ?

Sold to Remmert Werner, St Louis, MO, U.S.A. - ?

Converted to civilian standards with an executive interior but retained existing nose structure

Entered onto the U. S. Aircraft Register as N10018 - ?

Sold to Beldex Corporation, MO - 1958

Reregistered as N95R

Sold to Ansett Transport Industries - 1958

Converted to airline configuration seating 22 passengers by Remmert Werner

Conversion completed - September 1959

Entered onto the Australian Aircraft Register as VH-BRI - October 10, 1959

Registered to Ansett Transport Industries Ltd

Operated by ANSETT-ANA

Departed St Louis on delivery flight to Australia - October 10, 1959

Arrived Sydney at conclusion of delivery flight - October 19, 1959

Delivery route: St Louis-El Paso-San Francisco-Honolulu-Canton Island-Nadi-Tontouta-Sydney

Flight crew: Capts Stewart Middlemiss, Lloyd Maundrell; Navigator E.W. Adams; Flight Engineer Ron Bush

Aircraft was fitted with a rear Convair CV-240 type 'airstair' for land operations

Pre-service checks and overhaul carried out at Rose Bay, Sydney

Departed Sydney on positioning flight to Proserpine - November 1959

Operated first revenue service Propserpine-Hayman Island - November 12, 1959

Based at Proserpine and operated Proserpine-Hayman Island-Proserpine five times per day, 4 days a week

Was re-engined with Pratt & Whitney engines from a Douglas DC-4 - January 27, 1960

Registered to Ansett Flying Boat Services Pty Ltd - October 28, 1960

Relaunched following overhaul and conversion at Rose Bay, Sydney - November 3, 1960

Aircraft was named 'The Golden Islander' by singer June Bronhill - November 3, 1960

At various times it carried 'ANSETT-ANA', 'ANSETT' and 'ANSETT F.B.S.' titles

Aircraft sank whilst moored overnight in 25 metres of water at Langford Reef, Hayman Island - July 8, 1962

The previous landing had been a heavy one that had loosened several rivets

Water entered the hull and the aircraft settled so that only its wings were on the water's surface by morning

Cancelled from the Australian Aircraft Register - July 8, 1962

Aircraft had flown 3,241 hours

Considered to be uneconomical to repair and the remains were sold to Mr Vic O'Hara, Proserpine for 5 Pounds

Converted for use as a houseboat



VH-BRI. Ansett F.B.S.- in the full livery at Brisbane Airport, November 1959.

VH-BRI. Barrier Reef Airways - sunk at its mooring at Hayman Island, July 8, 1962.
VH-BRI. Barrier Reef Airways - sunk at its mooring at Hayman Island, July 8, 1962.