VH-RMT. Boeing 727-77QC. c/n 20370-821.

First flown - June 24, 1970

Entered onto the Australian Aircraft Register as VH-RMT - July 9, 1970

Registered to Ansett Transport Industries (Operations) Pty Ltd

Departed Seattle on delivery flight to Australia - July 8, 1970

Arrived Melbourne at conclusion of delivery flight - July 11, 1970

Delivery route: Seattle-Honolulu-Wake Island-Port Moresby-Brisbane-Melbourne

Flight crew: Capts N. Murdoch, R. McRobbie; F/O B. Canty; F/E W. Ross; Navigator W. C. Kennedy

Operated first revenue service with Ansett Airlines - July 16, 1970

Operated final revenue service Sydney-Melbourne - June 1, 1976

Withdrawn from use at Melbourne's Tullamarine Airport

Sold to Air Nauru - June 2, 1976

Cancelled from the Australian Aircraft Register - June 11, 1976

Entered onto the Nauru Aircraft Register as C2-RN4 - June 11, 1976

Aircraft was named 'Chief Auweiyeda'

Operated first Air Nauru revenue service on Melbourne-Noumea - June 16, 1976

Withdrawn from service by Air Nauru - July 31, 1983

Sold to World Jet Aircraft Industries - September 1983

Entered onto the U.S. Aircraft Register as N555BN

Leased to Braniff Airways Inc

Sold to Purolator Courier Corp - December 1983

Reregistered as N526PC - October 1984

Sold to Wilmington Trust Company & leased back to Purolator - December 27, 1985

Transferred to Emery Worldwide when they merged with Purolator - September 21, 1987

Operated by Orion Air on behalf of Emery & Purolator

Withdrawn from use and stored at Columbus Airport, Ohio - date unknown

Operated by Ryan International Airlines on behalf of Emery

Sold to Emery Worldwide Airlines - January 16, 1996

Transferred to United States Postal Service and painted as such

Returned to Emery Worldwide and withdrawn from use

Stored at Mojave, California - July 11, 2001

Ferried to Goodyear, Phoenix, Arizona - August 21, 2001

Departed Goodyear and returned to service - February 6, 2002

Advertised for sale having flown 57,240 hours - June 6, 2002

Sold to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee - December 4, 2002

Leased to Angola Air Charter Ltd - April 2003

Cancelled from the U. S. Aircraft Register - July 2, 2003

Entered onto the Angolan Aircraft Register as D2-FCP - July 2003

Current with Angola Air Charter

VH-RMT. Ansett Airlines of Australia - in the 'delta' livery at Sydney Airport, January 1976.

C2-RN4. Air Nauru - in the full livery at Melbourne Airport, December 1982.

N526PC. Angola Air Charter Cargo - in the full livery at Miami Airport, February 2003.