VH-ABH. Lockheed 12A Junior Electra. c/n 1236.

Was also registered as: VH-DMC; VH-TLX; VH-ASV.


Built as a Lockheed 12A Junior Electra at Lockheed Burbank - 1937

Powered by Pratt & Whitney R-985AN-14B engines

Issued Export Certificate of Airworthiness (CofA E-3202) - September 9, 1937

Accepted by Broken Hill Associated Smelters Pty Ltd at Burbank - September 10, 1937

Shipped to Australia as deck cargo on the 'SS Momba'

Arrived at Port Melbourne - October 11, 1937

Trucked to Melbourne Essendon Airport for assembly by Ansett Airways.

Entered onto the Australian Aircraft Register as VH-ABH (CofR 670) - November 15, 1937

Certificate of Airworthiness (CofA 627) issued - November 15, 1937

Registered to Associated Airlines Pty Ltd

Aircraft was named 'Silver City'

Entered service from Melbourne Essendon Airport flying B.H.P. officials to Newcastle

The B.H.P. Chief Pilot at the time was Pat Hall.

Registered to The Broken Hill Associated Smelters Pty Ltd - November 24, 1937

Registered to Associated Airlines Pty Ltd - June 22, 1938

Aircraft had accumulated 210.45 hours - June 30, 1938

First flown by Associated Airlines' new Chief Pilot Len Diprose - March 5, 1939

Aircraft was transferred to new operating base of Tullamarine, Melbourne - April 30, 1942

Move was agreed to as Essendon Airport had become congested due to wartime activities

Had been painted in camouflage livery although it had escaped military impressment

This was because it was deemed essential to the overall war effort

Camouflage livery removed - circa 1943

Sold to Robert Glen Carswell t/a Carsair Air Service (PNG) Pty Ltd - December 20, 1957

Used as a freighter in Papua New Guinea and northern Australia

Sold to Doug Muir, Darwin, Northern Territory - March 1960

Rregistered as VH-DMC - March 18, 1960

Registered to Muir Aviation Pty Ltd, Darwin

Acquired by South Australian Air Taxis Ltd and ferried to Adelaide, South Australia - April 1962

Reregistered as VH-TLX - May 31, 1962

Badly damaged when starboard undercarriage collapsed on landing at Pelican Waterhole, S.A. - October 1962

Due to the remoteness of the location, the aeroplane was deemed a write off and abandoned

Ferried to Moorabbin, Victoria having been acquired by Allan Rae of Air Surveys Australia - January 1, 1963

Reregistered as VH-ASV - April 1963

Registered to Air Surveys Australia Pty Ltd

Competed in the Ansett Brisbane - Adelaide Air Race with race number '69' - March 1964

Traded in to Masling Aircraft Sales & Service, Cootamundra - 1965

Aircraft had flown 7,827 hours and was used for general charter work

Cancelled from the Australian Aircraft Register - January 1966

Aircraft struck by Cessna 172 VH-CNA causing minor damage - February 2, 1966

Returned to the Australian Aircraft Register as VH-ASV after repair and overhaul - November 11, 1966

Registered to Business Aviation Pty Ltd

Sold to Coronet Cars Pty Ltd and shortly thereafter to Australian Aircraft Sales (ACT) Pty Ltd - June 29, 1967

Registered Dr Tony Fisher t/a Carnarney Pastoral Co Pty Ltd - January 11, 1972

Sold to by John Love - November 1975

Observed being operated in bare metal livery as VH-ASV - March 1976

Damaged in a collision with aviation enthusiast at Pakenhame Aerodrome, Victoria - July 17, 1976

Both the aviation enthusiast / photographer Reg Swinnerton and aircraft survived

Re-registered as VH-ABH - June 6, 1978

Aircraft had been restored to its original 'Silver City' livery

Acquired by the Airworld Museum, Wangaratta, Victoria and placed on public display - June 1985

Ownership transferred to Ross Smith of Rolleston, Queensland - July 15, 2003

The aircraft was still located at Wangaratta pending restoration to an airworthy condition

The Airworld Museum collection was dispersed following its closure due to financial losses

Post restoration test flights carried out at Wangaratta - December 1, 2004

Two test flights carried out by: Rob Poynton (Panama Jack's Vintage Aircraft Company) and

Harvey McBain (chief engineer for Nelson Aircraft Company)

At the time, Rob Poynton was the only pilot in Australia still current on type

The aircraft had been prepared by Harvey McBain and Ross Smith

Departed Wangaratta for Rolleston, Queensland - December 2, 2004

Rob Poynton was in command and Ross Smith as co-pilot earning his endorsement

It was again a hitch-free trip even though the weather was very hot

The aircraft then flew to Emerald Airport where it caused a delay in the loading of the Dash 8 flight for Brisbane

The passengers and crew were all interested in the arrival of the vintage aircraft

Registered to Ross Smith, Rolleston, Queensland - December 7, 2005

Current - 2012



VH-ABH. Silver City - in the original livery at Albury Airport, April 1980.


VH-ABH. Silver City - in the original livery at Melbourne Airport, November 1987.